Southwest Florida Field Visit

360clean Support Team visited franchise owners Jonathan & Liz Shaffer of Southwest Florida.

At 360clean, we take pride in the growth and success of each individual franchise owner. Here at the Support Center, we make it our mission to create an incomparable franchise opportunity experience by providing the tools and assistance needed from the start. Maintaining culture throughout our brand is a top priority at 360clean, and one way we like to ensure that is through field visits.

Founder & CEO, Barry Bodiford, along with members of our support team travel to different franchise locations each month to get a first-hand look at their operations. Through these visits we are able to connect with our franchise owners and engage with them on both a personal and professional level. Having the chance to see their hard work in person enables us to better support them by understanding their progress and plans as a business owner.

We are very grateful for the chance to take these field visits and support our 360fam!

This month our team visited Jonathan & Liz Shaffer of Southwest Florida. The Shaffers became part of 360clean in April of 2018 and what they have built is remarkable. They began their business with core values which has guided them through adversity in both their personal life and business and we are grateful to have them represent 360clean.

Read along below for some thoughts on the most recent field visit to Southwest Florida from Martin Mascio, VP of Franchise Operations.

“Field visits are a great opportunity to not only discuss a franchise owner’s operations, but to see it firsthand as well. It’s beneficial for both parties to discuss their organizational structure, and game plan on how to approach one’s goals and evolve that structure over time. Doing that in person allows a more detailed discussion and better clarification versus a phone call.

When I visited the Shaffer's, it was nice to see locations they were targeting as well as walk their current accounts. We were able to see all different types of building/industries they service. From the Class A Building with multiple floors and suites, to a Country Club with a wide variety of areas to be cleaned, and then you go into a Surgery Center that requires a sterile environment… the Shaffers do it all! I have always been proud of what the Shaffer’s have accomplished, and seeing it takes it to another level. It didn’t take long while walking their buildings to realize the Shaffers run a tight operation and keep the 360clean standard across any type of cleaning environment.

The other benefit of these field visits is trying to find somewhere for the Franchise Owner to grow as a Building Services Contractor. This enables them to troubleshoot obstacles they face in an account and put their heads together to help resolve these obstacles with the ultimate goal of providing the best quality of service to the customers. Having that outside perspective is needed from time to time. I look forward to returning and seeing what new growth they accomplish.”

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