There are many benefits that we can discuss. First and foremost, 360clean is not a traditional janitorial franchise. 360clean franchisees own a business that offers a health focused service that provides them a niche in their market and our support is industry leading.

A 360clean franchise offers aspiring new business owners the chance to begin a business with industry leading training and assist in the development and growth of their business.

360clean is the innovative leader of the industry. Our specialized approach provides 360clean a niche in the industry. Review our website to learn more about the JaniMed System from 360clean. 360clean provides a well-organized support system that helps all franchisees achieve their desired level of success.
You begin with a turnkey business. This includes the initial training, equipment and supply package, manuals, invoicing and collections processing, local sales support, initial package of preset sales appointments, unique marketing material and business coaching. Most importantly, 360clean franchisees receive a shortened learning curve into the business and ongoing support in the development of their business.

This ongoing support includes the opportunity to utilize our new customer development programs and industry leading support from our support staff.
Great question – glad you asked!

360clean’s specialized approach to janitorial services is unique to the janitorial franchise industry and provides a competitive advantage. 360clean’s low initial investment and ongoing fees is a one of a kind for the janitorial franchise industry.

With the 360clean Preset Sales Appointment (PSA) program, your business can take advantage of a beneficial program that offers preset sales appointments for you to attend and gain new business.

You will find that there are many benefits of becoming a 360clean franchise owner and this is just another example of our commitment to our franchise owner’s success.
No. The 360clean business model trains and provides our Franchise Owners the ability to build a business that has a management structure and cleaning personnel that work for the business.
360clean's Support Team provides industry leading support and an initial training program that prepares your business for a successful launch.

The program provides training in 360clean's specialized approach to janitorial services, sales and marketing, business management and industry specific training.

The classroom training includes open discussions, hands on training, multiple manuals and video presentations. 360clean also offers a web-based training program that allows great resources for new and existing franchisees. Additionally, the training includes pre-opening instructions for the proper steps in establishing a franchisee’s business and structure.

360clean supports franchisees on an ongoing basis by providing business development and technical support through local visits, phone conferences, webinars and our annual franchise conference.

The Support Team also provides Franchisees with complete customer invoicing and a centralized customer support program.
The initial training program consists of home study, classroom and hands-on training. The classroom and hands-on training program take place in your local area.

This is a very thorough program that normally occurs within 30-45 days or sooner of you signing your franchise agreement.
Below is a breakdown of the fees. You can also review our Franchise Disclosure Document for more details.

Our Franchise Fee is $15,000. The estimated initial investment ranges from $22,000 - $36,500.

As you will find with all franchises, we have Ongoing Fees. These fees are listed below:

Royalty Fee: 7% - 14% (decreases as your sales increase)

Brand Development Fee: 1%

The Brand Development Fee goes toward marketing and public relations activities to build brand awareness for our Franchise Owners. This fund is also used to continually update marketing collateral, sales materials, Franchise Owner location pages, social media and other marketing activities to increase brand awareness.
Any person who has been honorably discharged from any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces who becomes a franchisee will receive a 10% reduction in the Initial Franchise Fee. We thank you for your service!
The industry continues to be viewed by many as recession-resistant. According to industry figures, the U.S. cleaning industry will continue to be one of the fastest growing segments of the economy for the next decade, reaching well over $100 billion in revenues.

Our experience at 360clean matches this opinion as well. We began franchising in 2008 and experienced tremendous growth throughout the economic downturn. We found that businesses must keep their facilities clean and it’s an expense that remains justified even in a down economy.

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