Growing Your Business. Our Specialization.

At 360clean, we provide our franchise owners the most unique and healthy options for growing a cleaning business. Our systems are unique to the industry and have proven a very affordable option for growing a cleaning business.

Below are two proven methods:


Our Franchise Owners are fully trained on how to market and secure client accounts on their own. This can be a very profitable way for Franchise Owners to grow their business and we provide them training and support to do so.


Our Franchise Owners have access to our Preset Sales Appointment (PSA) program. This program is spearheaded by our Business Development Team and includes multiple facets of marketing for creating sales appointments for our Franchise Owners to attend and gain new customers in their local area.


Be the Face of Your Business

There are many benefits to the PSA Program, but the first one is that it allows YOU the BUSINESS OWNER to be the face of the business. We work directly with you to grow your business, establish the client relationships, and be the decision maker for services and pricing.

Your Availability - Your Control

Through a shared calendar, you are able to set your availability to attend PSA Appointments. This provides you control on when appointments will be scheduled so that it works for your work-life-balance!

Meet the Decision Maker

When you attend a Preset Sales Appointment, we schedule you to meet with the Decision Maker of the facility. This allows for you to create a relationship from Day 1, speak to them on their wants, needs, and concerns and educate them on why 360clean will the best choice for their janitorial services.

Personalized Proposals & Bidding Assistance

We provide the tools, as well as a business coach, to help assist you in determining and sending a janitorial quote. Not only do we want our franchise owners to be competitive and profitable with their quotes in order to close deals, but we also train you on the bidding process so that you understand the numbers of your business.

Follow Up Process and Assistance

We assist in helping you follow up on your proposal after it has been sent. Two-way communication between you and the Support Center helps in the chances of the proposal being accepted. Through emails, calls, and acceptance links directly on the proposal, we are here to help you every step of the way!

Close the Deal!

We have found through our process and support that many 360clean Franchise Owners are successful on the PSA Program in gaining new clients. This is not their only growth avenue, but a consistent and successful one to have available to you as a 360clean Franchisee!

Are You Ready For Success?