The MCV Standard...IS RISING!

We offer franchise owners even more reasons to grow their business and benefits along the way.


We will update the list of club members at the beginning of each year based on the previous year Monthly Contract Volume.
You will receive six (6) employee uniform t-shirts. This will include the most popular used sizes. This is for both the monthly and semi-monthly packages.
For the monthly package, you will receive 100 business cards and 100 marketing brochures. For the annual package, you will receive 250 business cards and 250 marketing brochures.
Instead of receiving your earnings on the 25th and 10th of each month, as part of the Big Kahuna Club you will receive an earnings payout every Thursday (unless there's a holiday). The payout will be based on what was collected the previous Monday - Sunday. This is an extra benefit and 360clean reserves the right to adjust this benefit.
Yes, you must maintain the current MCV amount of your club level.
Garnet Level: $25,000 | Orange Level: $41,667 | Platinum Club: $62,500 | Million Dollar Club: $83,333
If your invoiced MCV falls below the MCV amount associated with your club level for two consecutive months, you will automatically lose your membership for that year.