Founded in 2005

Built by a family and focused on helping other families achieve their same dream of business ownership.

360clean has come a long way since it was founded as a part-time janitorial service company in 2005 by Barry Bodiford and Allison Bodiford, a full-time pharmaceutical industry employee at the time of the company's beginning.

When the company was incorporated in 2005, 360clean employed only a half-dozen employees and serviced 3 customers.


Today, that start-up corporation is the innovative leader of the janitorial service industry and services customers in various states throughout the United States with the goal of being nationwide in the upcoming years.

The company's growth has been achieved through the franchise business model and the company has never lost focus of its objectives:

  • Remain Customer Focused
  • Remain Innovative
  • Develop Strong Business Leaders
  • Grow Profitably
  • Embrace Change


Commitment to Innovation and Diversification

The company’s proprietary JaniMed® Cleaning System combines innovative equipment and processes that not only provide a clean workplace environment, but decreases illness causing germs in all areas of facilities serviced. Additionally, the use of microfiber decreases the amount of airborne dust which creates a healthier facility for our customers and their visitors.

The company has remained committed to advancing the JaniMed® system and in 2010 implemented a Touch Surface Focus Cleaning technique and the system is now environmentally conscious through the use of certain environmentally friendly equipment and chemicals.

Leadership Team

Barry Bodiford | Founder & CEO

Barry is the Co-Founder of 360clean. Barry focuses on the overall development of the 360clean franchise system and the innovation of each aspect of the brand.

Allison Bodiford | Co-Founder

Allison is the Co-Founder of 360clean and remains an active member of the Board of Directors of the company.

Brent Bodiford | Chief Operating Officer

Brent is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 360clean. In this role, Brent oversees the daily operations of the Support Center. He works directly with Barry Bodiford, Founder & Visionary, on integrating new initiatives that are the catalyst for the continual development of the 360clean system. Brent is responsible for the overall development of each business department of the 360clean Support Center.

Lisa Morgan | VP of Business Development

Lisa is the VP of Business Development for 360clean. Lisa oversees and manages the Franchise Sales Process to help guide prospects to 360clean business ownership. Lisa also oversees and manages the daily operations of the Present Sales Appointment (PSA) program and is responsible for other functions for increasing opportunities for franchise owners to gain new customers. She handles various technology functions that are related to marketing and business development. Lisa is responsible for the overall development of the PSA program and marketing programs for new customer development.


Martin Mascio | VP of Franchise Operations

Martin is the Vice President of Franchise Operations for 360clean. In this role, Martin works closely with existing and new franchisees with many aspects of developing their business, including operational strategies to maximize profits and scalability. Martin spearheads the 360clean franchise training program and ongoing support programs for our family of franchisees.

Carly McCadden | Support Services Manager

Carly McCadden is the Support Services Manager for 360clean. In this position, Carly provides many support functions to the Franchise Owners of 360clean, including certain aspects of the customer support, invoicing support and new customer on-boarding process for franchise owners.

Diego Tello | Marketing Coordinator

Diego is a Marketing Coordinator for 360clean. Diego provides certain business development and marketing functions for the Preset Sales Appointment (PSA) program, which increases the client base for 360clean franchise owners.