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What is the cost of hiring a medical office cleaning service? The truth is that the answer varies greatly depending on what precisely the hiring company needs. Several factors can contribute to the price of a medical cleaning service, all of which we will highlight below.

Common Services Offered by a Medical Office Cleaning Company

Medical office cleaning companies commonly serve medical practices, dental offices, laboratories, and other similar facilities. Though the exact services that companies provide can vary, they each typically offer the following:

  • Vacuuming, mopping, dusting
  • Emptying waste receptacles
  • Restocking toilet paper and sanitary products
  • Cleaning/disinfecting bathrooms
  • Steam cleaning soft surfaces as needed
  • Cleaning appliances such as refrigerators
  • Cleaning kitchens and employee break rooms
  • Cleaning patient exam rooms

Furthermore, as each medical office is different, they may likely have additional, unique needs that a cleaning company must address. So let’s dive into those details below.

Why Medical Office Cleaning Requires a Different Approach

Commercial cleaning services always require a slightly different approach than that taken by residential providers, but medical offices require an additional layer of specialization for the following reasons:

#1 Supplies and Equipment

Medical office cleaning requires specialized, health-focused supplies and equipment, which often involves using EPA-approved or hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants that protect the safety of patients and staff. Having and using these supplies can often serve as selling points for commercial cleaning businesses, demonstrating a commitment to the needs of the medical industry.

#2  Mitigation of Contamination

Cross-contamination between surfaces and equipment is always a risk in a healthcare setting. So, in addition to using the right cleaning supplies, employees should be trained in the best practices to minimize contamination risk. If your business can prove it has thorough experience regarding proper safety and contamination protocols, it can help you land more contracts with medical offices.

#3 Proper Waste Disposal

The waste produced by medical offices will require additional care to prevent the spread of infection or the release of certain types of caustic chemicals. Medical office cleaning services will therefore offer assistance in the disposal of medical waste, sharp objects, and contaminated waste, all of which can increase the cost of the service compared to other types of commercial cleaning options.

Factors that Affect the Price of Medical Office Cleaning

In addition to those areas of special attention, several other factors can affect the price of medical office cleaning services, including the following:

#1 The Size of the Facility

The most obvious factor that affects cleaning costs relates to the size of the facility itself. Naturally, the larger the office, the more it will cost to clean. Moreover, some larger facilities may see higher patient volume and staffing, which often translates into high-traffic hallways and carpets requiring additional attention.

#2 Frequency

Of course, every time a medical facility hires a cleaning service, it costs money. Most high-volume medical offices will require daily care. At the same time, some may rely on internal staff to do routine cleaning, only bringing in a professional crew weekly or monthly for a more thorough cleaning. These considerations influence how much medical centers spend on cleaning services.

#3 Type of Facility

Medical centers can include traditional doctor’s offices, multi-practice medical clinics, dental offices, and laboratory environments. With so much variation, the cost of medical cleaning services often depends on the specific needs of each practice.

Patient bathrooms, employee break rooms, glass windows, and patient waiting rooms all require different levels of care and attention. As such, cleaning companies will often charge depending on the facility and the areas that need service.

#4 Pricing Models

Another primary consideration is the pricing model of the cleaning company itself. Some medical office cleaners charge by the hour, while others charge flat rates based on the facility’s square footage.

Though the latter option may appear more costly upfront, it is more predictable, seeing as the size of facilities doesn’t change weekly. On the other hand, businesses that charge by the hour may cost more, especially when cleaning staff members have to devote extra attention to high-use areas or equipment.

The Final Cost of Cleaning a Medical Office

Considering the factors above, basic medical office cleaning services will typically cost around $300 per month. However, that price can increase significantly for larger facilities or medical offices that require additional care and disinfection. Patient exam rooms, for example, necessitate much greater attention than general office areas, which can increase costs considerably.

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