For many aspiring business owners, the ultimate goal is cultivating a rewarding life and career. But, at the same time, the risks of running a business are very real; that’s why it helps to find a business opportunity that sets you up for success from the beginning.

Many entrepreneurs find the support they need to navigate the challenges of running a business when they enter into a franchise partnership. With generous support and business development resources, the right cleaning franchise can make the path to success more attainable for first-time business owners. Does that mean a cleaning business is easy to start? Of course not! But, with the right tools and support at hand, a franchise can make it easier for you to overcome and navigate the challenges of business ownership.

If you’re still thinking about starting a cleaning business, here are a few things to consider.

5 Reasons to Start a Cleaning Franchise

While no business is easy, franchises can make launching, maintaining, and growing your company easier. Here are a few key benefits of starting a cleaning franchise.

#1 Get Started with No Experience

You don’t need any experience to start a cleaning franchise, but you need the willingness to learn and implement the strategies that your franchisor shares with you. Absorb everything they teach you. And remember, finding a franchisor that offers training and continued support for you and your employees is essential. This business support takes a lot of guesswork out of launching your cleaning business and ensures that you follow best business practices before launch, at launch, and as you plan for the future.

#2 High Demand

Commercial cleaning businesses are currently in high demand. For one thing, the COVID pandemic has placed a greater emphasis on health and hygiene. But many companies are looking to cut costs, and hiring professional cleaners can actually save money compared to retaining an internal custodial staff. Both trends mean your cleaning franchise will have ample opportunity to generate customers and profit. At 360clean, we’ll even help you find the ideal location for your new business.

#3 Low Cost

A cleaning business will always require fewer overhead costs compared to other industries. For example, unlike a brick-and-mortar store, you won’t need to buy new real estate or sign a new building lease for your business. Most cleaning franchises can work from home and only need to spend money on basic cleaning supplies, insurance, and administrative costs. Even the franchising fee—the money you pay to operate under the company’s brand—is low compared to other businesses, making it easy to get up and running.

#4 Lower Risk

Few businesses last more than a few years, and even those who survive have to scrape and struggle. But a franchise provides a tried-and-true business model with a proven track record of success and an established brand that customers know and trust. These perks minimize the risks of starting a new business compared to starting a business from scratch.

#5 Marketing and Administrative Support

When you launch a cleaning franchise, you’ll already have an entire company behind you. A franchise often provides marketing materials and back-office support to run your finances. The best franchisors also offer business development programs that help you find and nurture customer leads.

4 Ways to Find Success with Your New Franchise

As you can see, a cleaning franchise offers a lot of support for business owners. But your ultimate success depends on you. Only you can take what you learn and put it into action. With that in mind, here are some strategies to maximize your success as a cleaning franchise owner.

#1 Develop an Industry Niche

Stand out from the competition by focusing on a specific area of the cleaning industry. Health-focused cleaning businesses, for example, offer unique value which can attract clients concerned about health and hygiene.

#2 Prioritize Learning

No one starts a business with unlimited knowledge. The best franchise owners are those who embrace a lifestyle of learning. Franchisors can often connect you to additional training opportunities, and franchise operators can pursue additional webinars, conferences, and other resources to refine their business skills.

#3 Empower Your Employees

No one gets anywhere alone. To truly flourish, your cleaning franchise will rely on the support of your employees.

Successful business leaders seek to empower their teams through support and training. Instilling a sense of purpose among your staff can increase employee engagement and help you retain hard workers for the lifespan of your cleaning business.

#4 Analyze and Adapt

Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of staying flexible. Remember, the successful strategy you use today isn’t guaranteed to work tomorrow. Therefore, it’s crucial to analyze your business data and adjust your business plans accordingly. Make sure you select a cleaning franchise that gives you access to business data that shows complete visibility of your financial health. That way, you can make strategic decisions about the future of your business.

Your Journey Starts Here

So, is a cleaning business easy to start? As you can tell, starting a business is always hard work, and a cleaning franchising is no exception. However, the franchising model can eliminate the friction that comes from the awkward startup phase. You’ll find that’s true at 360clean, where our model offers the following advantages:

  • A well-developed niche in health-focused cleaning
  • Training programs for you and your employees
  • Administrative and financial support
  • Personalized support
  • Customer development programs

Ready to get started? Contact us today to discuss the next steps in your journey toward business ownership. Thanks for stopping by our blog; we hope to help you soon!