Man standing at a table with marketing information: How Do I Get Clients for My Cleaning Business?

Congratulations! You’ve officially launched your cleaning business and are eager to flex your entrepreneurial muscles in your community. There’s only one problem: how do you get clients for your cleaning business? This question can be challenging for commercial cleaning companies that don’t always have an “in” with the businesses in their community. Not to worry! The following strategies can help you recruit and retain clients so your business can grow.

Look to Your Franchisor for Leads

Starting a franchise is one of the best ways to launch a new business. For one thing, a franchise carries less risk than starting your own business from scratch. But the franchisor (the parent company you’re operating under) can also provide support during your initial startup period and throughout your operation. For instance, your franchisor may offer a customer development program that can help you generate leads. A Preset Sales Appointment (PSA) program can help you refine your marketing goals and build a network of clients in your local community.

Implement a Solid Marketing Plan

To gain and retain clients, you’ll need to increase the visibility of your cleaning business. That requires a solid marketing plan. The exact nature of your marketing plan will depend on the nature of your cleaning business (commercial vs. residential). Still, it will typically involve email marketing, social media campaigns, and digital advertising in addition to traditional signage, coupons, and flyers.

Marketing is another area made easier through the franchising model. Chances are that your franchisor already has a marketing plan developed through hours of careful research and design. Their previous efforts will save you time that you would otherwise spend trying to find ways to connect with your target market. Instead, you can focus on implementing the marketing materials in your local community and building your reputation with your core customer base.

Cultivate Your Web Presence

In the digital age, the front page of your website is even more important than the front door of your business. You should ensure your website is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. However, your website is just the start. A dedicated social media page can help you connect with potential clients, promote content, and more. These tools can give your cleaning business a greater sense of legitimacy and offer a way to connect with new clients.

Introductory Offers

One of the great things about the cleaning business is that it encourages repeat customers. So once you book your first appointment, you’ll have a better shot at developing a long-term relationship. That’s why it helps to provide an introductory offer, such as a discount on the first cleaning. Your clients may see this as a trial period, after which they can decide whether to continue your services. Commercial cleaners might likewise consider integrating discounts into a recurring business model. For instance, you might offer the first month free for those who sign up for a set duration of cleanings.

Find Your Niche

Find a way to make your cleaning business stand out from your competitors. For example, some cleaning companies boast things like environmentally safe cleaning products or recycling programs that make their services uniquely beneficial for the environment. In the wake of COVID, many companies have become especially vigilant about health and hygiene. A cleaning business that offers a health-focused cleaning approach can carve out a local niche that can help you gain more clients.

Build Your Network

Even if you have a stellar website, you can never go wrong with building your network through face-to-face interactions.

Look for trade shows or conferences in your area, as these can be solid opportunities to interact with other businesses. In addition, handing out a business card or marketing materials can help you further establish yourself and present you with leads to follow up on in the future.

Remember to always treat your network like a group of friends, not mere contracts. So, for example, if you follow up with someone you meet at a trade show, send them your best wishes or another friendly greeting rather than merely bombarding them with an impersonal sales pitch.

Launch Your Business with 360clean

A commercial cleaning franchise can be an excellent opportunity for aspiring business owners who want to enter the cleaning industry. But remember, not all franchise opportunities are created equal! Because 360clean is a home-based business with little overhead expenses, our startup costs are substantially lower than most franchises. Additionally, we offer our franchisees the following benefits:

  • A competitive niche in health-focused cleaning;
  • A comprehensive training program for both you and your employees;
  • Personalized support focused on your goals and needs;
  • A turn-key system for growing your business;
  • Back office support;
  • And more!

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey to business ownership? To learn more about starting a franchise with 360clean, contact us today for more information.

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