Best Business Ideas for Couples

Perhaps you and your significant other have considered starting your own business but are unsure where to start.

The good news?

There are plenty of business ideas for couples that can be profitable while maintaining a great quality of life.

When thinking over ventures to begin, consider the strengths and weaknesses that each of you has.

How much time do you each have to devote to the business?

Is it a side hustle, or are you both going all in?

What are you interested in, and what type of practical experience do you have?

Discuss all of these and use them to help shape your future through a new family business.
Let’s take a closer look at some businesses you can build with your partner!

5. Real Estate

Many couples choose to go into this venture together because there is plenty of earning potential as well as some flexibility.

One potential drawback is that, often, buyers want to see homes after normal business hours or on the weekend.

However, agents who become established may have the ability to build a team underneath them that can handle some of the more time-consuming work like showing homes.

Some couples choose to have one person serve as the primary agent or broker, while another may help with business-building activities like events and marketing.

Plenty of couples have gone into business together under real estate brokerages such as eXp and Keller Williams.

4. Home Renovation/Design Services

How many homeowners have you talked with who have trouble finding a reliable handyman or contractor for bigger projects?

Maybe you can help fill that void by starting your renovation service. This is a particularly strong idea for duos that feature someone with plenty of construction know-how.

If one partner has an eye for interior design, that could be a great add-on to your suite of services.

There are also plenty of administrative tasks such as managing quotes, invoices, material orders, and customer service that will need to be handled by one partner.

3. Photography and Videography Services

This is a high-demand industry, especially for special events and holidays. If you or your spouse have an artistic or creative background, this could be an excellent business idea.

Everything from family portraits to weddings to commercial video production is a possibility with a photography business, and clients are often willing to pay a premium.

Like other business ideas for couples, you and your partner can split or alternate duties. One can handle the on-the-ground, artistic side of the work, while the other can make bookings, communicate with clients, and manage the day-to-day.

2. Insurance Sales

Similar to real estate, there are plenty of opportunities in the market for insurance agents. Everyone needs insurance products, whether it’s auto, business, home, or life.

Many couples choose to go into business together, with one person often serving as the “face of the business” and another taking an integral role behind the scenes in client services, invoices, and marketing.

State Farm and GEICO are examples of two insurance companies that couples could become licensed for to begin their own agency.

1. 360clean Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Barry and Allison Bodiford started 360clean as a one-location medical office cleaning service in 2005. It is now a commercial cleaning franchise that has locations across the United States.

It’s one of the best business ideas for couples because some of 360clean’s most successful franchisees are husband-wife teams!

Commercial cleaning is a recession-resistant business opportunity, and 360clean’s proven model features affordable startup costs, low overhead costs, recurring revenue, and high earnings potential.

Their national office even helps to get leads and set sales appointments for you so that you can close clients and worry about providing great service.

It’s a business that can also be run from home!

Couples interested in learning more about 360clean’s franchise opportunity can download the franchise brochure.

Now that you have had a chance to review several of the top business ideas for couples, take some time to discuss them with your significant other.

Being in business together can help strengthen your bond and create a rewarding lifestyle that can be enjoyed together!