360clean is a family business built on systems, growth, leaders, and the ability to overcome adversity. Since our first franchise opening in 2007, we now have over 75 franchises nationwide and are continuing to introduce new franchises monthly. Our franchisees have brought great success and strategies to the brand, but the dedication and teamwork shown through our Veteran franchisees is truly noteworthy.

“At 360clean we are honored to have so many military veterans that have joined our family of franchise owners,” said Barry Bodiford, Founder and CEO of 360clean. “We have great respect for their dedication to our country. It’s remarkable to see how well their skills from the military coincide with their experience in successfully building and developing a 360clean franchise.”

We currently have 15 Veteran-owned franchises ranging across the east coast and southern states. One major advantage of being a franchise owner is the networking within the business. At 360clean, we have our Annual Franchise Reunion in February and reCHARGE Retreat in August which allows our franchisees the chance to collaborate and learn more from each other. ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ is one phrase you will hear around here a lot; something we reference to identify the impact that teamwork has on success. Learning to trust others and provide added support if one member falls short plays a major role in military practices. Bringing these characteristics to a business creates stronger bonds and encourages higher levels of performance overall- something we witness very strongly in our franchise owners.

Being an entrepreneur brings on various responsibilities requiring a high level of discipline and ability to fulfill many roles in order to jumpstart and grow your business. As we have seen, Veterans exhibit discipline and work ethics learned in the front line and transfer them to the forefront of their business bringing them great success. At 360clean we have many systems and support outlets in place to assist in the growth of your business as Veteran franchisee, Lorenzo Bates of Greenville, South Carolina, mentions:

“Hello, my name is Lorenzo Bates and I served 8 years in the US Navy. I looked at joining a franchise because I wanted to leverage a business that was already established in marketing and branding and had systems in place. The reasons veterans make excellent entrepreneurs after military duty is the commitment, discipline, and resilience developed during their time in the military which are paramount to a successful business owner. Learning about 360clean and the proven track record of success that others had was an easy choice for me to make. I have been a 360clean franchise owner for 5 years and am one of the top producers within the company and I’d do it all over again.”

360clean was recently identified by independent research firm, Franchise Business Review, as being one of just 80 franchise brands to be named an award-winning franchise in its 2022 report on the Top Franchises for Veterans. To identify the companies on this year’s list of the Top Franchises for Veterans, Franchise Business Review analyzed data from over 2,500 franchise owners, representing more than 300 brands regarding their overall satisfaction with their brands and their likelihood to recommend them to others.

“Veterans are a critical part of franchising’s success, and franchising needs more business owners with the leadership skills, resilience, and can-do attitude of veterans,” said Eric Stites, founder & CEO of Franchise Business Review. “Not all franchises are created equal, but the 80 brands on our list of the Top Franchises for Veterans have satisfaction ratings by their veteran owners that are 10-30% higher on average. That’s why we do what we do…we survey thousands of franchisees every year and make those reviews available to prospective business owners to help them understand which franchises are the top opportunities based on the actual experiences and satisfaction of other veteran franchise owners.”

We take pride in the family built here at 360clean and the continued growth of all franchisees. We want to extend a special thanks to all active Military & Veterans and recognize those within our company; THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!


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