Calculator on a table with money: is owning a cleaning franchise worth it?

You’ve always dreamed of being your own boss, but you have a choice to make: Should you start your own cleaning business from scratch, or should you invest in an existing business? Sure, buying a cleaning franchise may come with higher startup costs, but a cleaning franchise also offers the support of an established brand with an existing customer base and a track record of success. If you’re ready to get your hands dirty in the commercial cleaning industry, here are eight reasons why owning a cleaning franchise is absolutely worth it.

8 Reasons Owning a Cleaning Franchise Is Worth It

#1 No Experience Necessary

No experience? No problem. By investing in the right cleaning franchise, you can rely on the franchisor—also known as the parent company—to provide training and support every step of the way. But remember: Not all franchise opportunities are equal.

If you are serious about entering the commercial cleaning industry and you have little to no experience, remember to ask franchisors—during the interview process—about the support and training that they provide from pre-launch to opening day and beyond. Also, keep in mind that support isn’t just about your cleaning technique. The right cleaning franchise not only will guide you on marketing locally but may even handle it for you and provide quality leads.

#2 Less Risk

Entrepreneurs must face the harsh reality that the overwhelming majority of first-time businesses close their doors within a few years. When you start a business from scratch, you’ll be responsible for every decision you make. And if you don’t have experience managing cash flow, you could quickly run out of money. A franchise, on the other hand, offers a tried-and-true business model. You already know that the company has the potential for success, which makes a cleaning franchise far less risky than starting a business on your own—especially in a competitive industry!

#3 Access to Equipment and Supplies

As you might expect, a cleaning business requires the right supplies and equipment. If you’re starting a cleaning business on your own, you have the responsibility of researching every product in your inventory; you must also screen your cleaning products for qualities like effectiveness and environmental safety. Franchisors make these decisions for you and also grant access to a trove of supplies and equipment. In other words, you don’t have to figure out what works. Not only that, but the franchisor can direct you to suppliers with the best products at the best price.

#4 Built-In Customer Base

Two words: Brand recognition. When you launch your own company, you must invest a hefty amount of time into helping others find you. That translates to a considerable waiting period before you start generating revenue. In contrast, a franchise offers built-in brand recognition. If customers trust the authority of the parent organization, they are likely more willing to invest in your services. That positive association helps you tap into a pre-existing market that may help you start making money sooner.

#5 Marketing Made Simple

The best cleaning franchises provide unique marketing material to help you get the word out about your business. To put this in perspective, it means that the franchise has already performed the necessary market research for you and crafted customized materials you can adapt to your local franchise location. This saves you time and money and can reflect a level of expertise you might not have been able to tap into on your own. Additionally, your brand may enjoy the benefits of national advertising, too!

#6 Financial Support

Unless you have a background in finance or accounts receivable, you could probably use some help with the financial side of running a successful cleaning business. While many first-time business owners try to handle these administrative responsibilities by themselves, doing so can steal time away from core business tasks. You may also avoid the risk of charging too much or selling yourself too short. With a cleaning franchise, you gain access to invoicing and collections processing support. Some franchises perform these tasks for you, meaning all you have to do is log into your online portal to keep track of your revenue.

#7 Sales Leads

Finding the right customer is one of the hardest parts of managing any business. When you start your own business, there’s usually a considerable waiting period before you secure regular clients. By partnering with the right cleaning franchise, you may be handed leads right out of the gate. First-time franchise owners may also tap into an initial package of preset sales appointments, eliminating the awkward phase of waiting for business to pick up. Some cleaning franchises also offer customer development programs you can use to generate future business leads.

#8 Be Your Own Boss

Who could forget the greatest benefit of all? As a franchise owner, you get all the perks of business ownership while avoiding many of the greatest risks. You go into business for yourself, but you also don’t go it alone! You can fulfill your dream of being your own boss and sidestep the pitfalls of starting a company from the ground up.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

So, is owning a cleaning franchise worth it? At 360clean, we think so! A commercial cleaning franchise can be an excellent opportunity for aspiring business owners who want to break into the cleaning industry. But remember, not all franchise opportunities are created equal! Because 360clean is a home-based business with little overhead expenses, our startup costs are substantially lower than most franchises. Additionally, we offer our franchisees the following benefits:

  • A competitive niche in health-focused cleaning;
  • A comprehensive training program for both you and your employees;
  • Personalized support that is focused on your goals and needs;
  • A turn-key system for growing your business;
  • Back office support;
  • And more!

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey to business ownership? To learn more about starting a franchise with 360clean, contact us today for more information.

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